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阿里巴巴营收大幅增长 得益于移动端业务

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本文摘要:HONG KONG —Despite a slowdown in China, Alibaba, the Internet giant, experienced a surge in revenue in the latest quarter, driven by strong growth in mobile.香港——即使面临上升的中国经济,获益于移动末端营收的剧增,互联网巨头阿里巴巴上个季度的业绩依然快速增长强大。


HONG KONG —Despite a slowdown in China, Alibaba, the Internet giant, experienced a surge in revenue in the latest quarter, driven by strong growth in mobile.香港——即使面临上升的中国经济,获益于移动末端营收的剧增,互联网巨头阿里巴巴上个季度的业绩依然快速增长强大。Given Alibaba’s dominance in online shopping, investors have been concerned that the trouble in the country’s economy could spill over into the company’s performance.考虑到阿里巴巴在网购行业的主导地位,投资者一度忧虑中国经济面对的困境不会影响该公司的业绩。After its much-hyped initial public offering last year, Alibaba reported lackluster earnings in the first half of 2015. Its stock price even briefly dropped below its listing price.在去年风光无限的公开发表上市后,阿里巴巴2015年上半年的业绩报告变得黯淡无光。股价甚至一度暴跌发行价。

Now Alibaba is showing signs of stabilizing.现在,阿里巴巴显露出完全恢复平稳的迹象。In its results on Tuesday, Alibaba reported that sales rose 32 percent in the latest quarter to 22.2 billion renminbi, or $3.5 billion. Earnings per share increased 30 percent. After Alibaba reported results on Tuesday, the company’s stock jumped 5 percent in morning trading.根据周二发布的近期季报,阿里巴巴宣告上季度营收超过222亿元人民币,同比快速增长32%,每股收益快速增长了30%。于周二发布该季营收后,阿里巴巴的股价在上午的交易中大涨5%。Still, analysts continue to worry about how a general slowdown in China could rattle Alibaba. Slower growth is expected to hit the wallets of the Chinese middle class, who regularly splurge on the company’s online shopping platforms. At around $79, Alibaba’s shares are still a long way from the $119 high-water mark they hit after the I.P.O.然而,分析师仍然担忧中国经济的全面减慢不会对阿里巴巴导致冲击。


“Economic challenges most likely weighed on average spending by buyers,” the research group Trefis wrote in a report.“经济萧条一般来说体现在消费者的平均值支出上。”美国投资研究机构Trefis在其报告中写到。

Speaking to concerns about the Chinese economy, Joe Tsai, the company’s executive vice chairman, said in a conference call on Tuesday that the company did not believe that a blip in Chinese growth would have a long-term impact on the consumer spending on Alibaba’s sites.谈及对中国经济的忧虑,阿里巴巴继续执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)在周二的电话会议上回应,阿里巴巴不指出中国经济的一段时间变化不会对消费者的网购消费导致长年影响。“When you look at the Chinese consumer, they’re very liquid. They have lots of cash deposits in their account,” he said, adding “a temporary setback in the macro economy is not going to affect their consumption pattern in a fundamental way.” “中国消费者的现金流动性十分好,账户的现金存款相当多。

”他补足谈道,“宏观经济继续上升会彻底带给消费模式的变化。”In particular, Mr. Tsai noted that Chinese consumption as a percentage of the country’s output is still well below that of developed countries. He expected consumption to naturally become a larger part of China’s economic growth. It is a shift that officials in Beijing are similarly pushing.有一点注目的是,蔡崇信提及消费在中国经济中的占比还相比之下大于发达国家。他预计消费不会自然而然地沦为中国经济快速增长的更大组成部分。

这与中国政府直言的经济转型不谋而合。Like many Internet players, Alibaba is looking to mobile as it charts out opportunities.与许多互联网公司一样,阿里巴巴致力发展移动末端业务,以谋求更加多机会。

The company’s revenue from mobile advertising, traditionally less than is made on online desktop ads, almost tripled from a year earlier, to $1.7 billion. Alibaba said on Tuesday that mobile phones also account for about 62 percent of the total transactions on its e-commerce sites.阿里巴巴的移动末端广告收益,原本高于PC末端广告,如今快速增长快速增长,超过17亿美元,完全是去年的三倍。在周二,阿里巴巴宣告移动末端贡献了其电商平台大约62%的总交易额。In the conference call, Alibaba executives emphasized new revenue streams that could eventually contribute to the company, including takeout and grocery delivery, a cloud computing unit that serves small businesses, and outreach to rural users.在电话会议上,阿里巴巴的高管特别强调追加的收益来源最后不会为公司作出贡献,这还包括餐饮店内和食品杂货寄送、针对小企业的云计算业务,以及针对农村地区用户的扩展。“Today if you look at the landscape in China, online shopping only accounts for 10 percent of total retail in China,” said Alibaba’s new chief executive, Daniel Zhang. “So I would say that is a huge potential, and if we look at people’s geographic spread, half of our population in the low-tier cities and rural areas, that’s why we initiate our rural program.”“时至今日,从总体情况来看,网购只占到中国零售业总额的10%。

”阿里巴巴新的离任的首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)回应,“因此,我指出潜力仍然极大。从地域产于上来看,中国有一半人口生活在中小城市和农村偏远地区,这就是我们启动农村淘宝项目的原因。”Alibaba’s investment strategy is expected to follow this pattern. This month, Alibaba continued its acquisition streak by making an offer to buy the remainder of a Chinese online video site, Youku Tudou.阿里巴巴的投资战略将秉持这一目标。本月,阿里巴巴之后其并购步伐,宣告对在线视频网站优酷和土豆网剩下的股份展开全面并购。

“Consumption isn’t just about online shopping, but consumption of digital goods; it’s about consumption of services. We are looking at things that will enhance our position in the consumption economy,” Mr. Tsai said.“消费不仅仅限于网购商品,也是对数字产品的消费,是对服务业的消费。我们推崇能提升我们在消费经济中地位的业务。”蔡崇信回应。